Child Smiles

Services: Oral Health Assessment and Education | Restorative Dentistry | Orthodontic Growth and Guidance | Sedation and Sleep Dentistry | Emergency Services

Personalized Care and Guidance


Our patients are unique and deserve dental care that reflects their individual needs. We’re here for your family each step of the way as they grow and thrive.  


Comfort and Ease


Private care rooms, visual and sensory accommodations, desensitization visits. Just let us know how we can help. Your family’s  comfort is our top priority. That’s our promise.


Your Kiddo is in Experts’ Hands  


We specialize in pediatric dentistry so you don’t have to. Our experienced and talented team is committed to making Union where your smiles begin.


Oral Health Assessment

We focus on prevention to achieve more by doing less. Through our routine care visits, we work with your child on establishing healthy oral hygiene practices and dietary habits that will keep the “sugar bugs” away and maintain their healthy and radiant smiles.

Restorative Dentistry

All dental care is delivered from the comfort of our state-of-the-art office with eco-friendly dental materials that are aesthetic and enduring.

Orthodontic Growth and Guidance

Our in-house orthodontic specialist works hand in hand with our pediatric dentist to monitor your child’s facial growth and dental development. When the timing is right, orthodontic care can happen during cleaning visits. One less appointment to coordinate! We make it simple.

Sedation and Sleep Dentistry

Your child’s comfort is our top priority. From “laughing gas” to complete sleep dentistry, we provide comprehensive dental care that’s gentle and safe.

Emergency Services

Our on-call pediatric specialist provides any-time emergency dental services with immediate attention and fast relief that your family can rely on.